Project – Biosimilars Nurses Guide version 2.0


In 2018 the ESNO Biosimilars focus group contributed to the shaping of the Biosimilars Information and Communication guide for nurses. That was a project that spanned a year with support from Medicines for Europe and EFPIA. That project was a result of the publication of the Information guide on Biosimilars for health professionals of the EMA. The ESNO contributed to this, but was ultimately very medical oriented. With Medicines for Europe and EFPIA we then created a guide in line with the guide for patients. The guide has been published in 8 languages, printed in English and Dutch. The intention was to further shape it afterwards, such as making a sequel based on new information and insights. Also conducting online educational activities and presentations. The latter is still in the planning, but depends on the right moment and people and institutions who want to support it

Reasons for updating

  • Have a close detaille update on the content and suggest recomendations
  • Include European national examples and experiances
  • Include examples per therapeutic areas
    • Rheumatology
    • Cancer
    • Diabetes
    • Dermatology.
    • Oncology
    • Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
    • Oftalmologie (new)
  • Benefit programs examples
  • Establish committee to contribute to events and publications

Survey on experience with Biosimilar Medication

Under this link you find a questionnair on the level of experiance related to Biosimilars and on the ESNO Guide, open until Monday morning 21 June

Planning draft Second Version

For 2021
– April: connect again with members and expand with new specialist nurses
– 31 May 19:00 (CEST): follow up meeting Biosimilar focus group registrate under this link
Presentation Virtue Insights 23 June 2021
– September: collection of new insights
– October: general meeting with all stakeholders
– December: scheduling revision of Guide
For 2022
January – June: Devellopment
June – October: evaluation and decide
November – Finalise and Launch
December – Education material and Translation

Education Material

A PowerPoint was created for EDucation material and a series of meetings will be scheduled with National Nursing Organisations.


ESNO focus group on Biosimilars

Start proces issue on the ‘Principles of Specialist Nursing on Biosimilars’ in the Springer Nature series. Schedule: start mid 2021 – publication end 2022.

In process – Program Nurses and Medication

ESNO focus group on Biosimilars

  1. Hanneke Voorneveld: Rheumatology Nurses (Netherlands)
  2. Patrick Crombez: Oncology Nurses (Belgium)
  3. Corinne Scicluna: Dermatology Nurses (Malta)
  4. Wioletta Mędrzycka-Dąbrowska – anesthesia and intensive care nursing – Medical University of Gdańsk Poland
  5. Sabina Krupa – anesthesia and intensive care nursing – Medical University of Rzeszów Poland
  6. Susan Elvidge – Editor (UK)
  7. Ber Oomen, (Netherlands)
  8. Adriano Friganovic – anesthesia and intensive care nursing – (Croatia)
  9. Alexandra Isabel Gomes Pereira, Oncology, (Portugal)
  10. Paul Corners, medical expert (UK)
  11. Marijke Quaghebeur – Oncology – UZ Gent – Belgium
  12. Johan de Munter – Oncology – UZ Gent – Belgium
  13. Eveline Hoefkens – IBD – Belgium
  14. Susana Reis – Portugal
  15. Francesca Cardone – Italy

Literature – Biosimilars and Nursing

Friganovic and Waller
Biosimilars in oncology key role of nurses

Liese Barbier.
European Stakeholder Learnings Regarding Biosimilars: Part I—Improving Biosimilar Understanding and Adoption
European Stakeholder Learnings Regarding Biosimilars: Part II—Improving Biosimilar Use in Clinical Practice

Hanneke Voorneveld

The Non-medical Switch from Reference Adalimumab to Biosimilar Adalimumab is Highly Successful in a Large Cohort of Patients with Stable Inflammatory Rheumatic Joint Diseases: A Real-Life Observational Study

A Vision for the Global Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Industry
Whitepaper – May 2021

Frederike Voglsamer Head of Market Access bei Pro Generika / AG Pro Biosimilars

Spotlight on Biosimilars, Optimising the Sustainability of Healthcare Systems
The Impact of Biosimilar Competition in Europe

Video – 15 December 2021
Video recording event’Webinar on the impact of biosimilar competition in Europe’

The Impact of Biosimilar Competition in Europe December 2021

What inflammatory arthritis patients need to know. Third Edition September 2021

Adverse Reactions Responses Page
Clinical Trials Register
Terms Used Glossary Clinical Trials


2022 Cardinal Health Biosimilars Report: The U.S. Journey and Path Ahead

Contact and collaborative partners

Project lead:
– Hanneke Voorneveld
– Ber Oomen
– Sabina Krupa

Relevant events to participate

Our Sponsors

Medicine for Europe
Through Medicines for Europe and its sector group the Biosimilar Medicines Group, pharmaceutical companies engage in partnership and multi-stakeholder approaches, aimed at fostering mutual understanding and consensus policy making, taking account of all partners’ concerns and constraints, but also expertise and assets.

We are Viatris gratefull for supporting this program with education material, including translations