Project – Blood and Plasma Nurses Guide


In the light of increasing expectation of quality of care provision by nurses in many areas of healthcare, it’s vital that nurses can access training on an ongoing basis. This can be as part of their day-to-day work, or through specific educational activities. Across Europe, there are professional groups that can support nurses and other healthcare professionals through the rapidly evolving treatment landscapes, and help them to deliver optimal care to patients, and provide patient and family support.

The domain of blood and plasma cuts across many different specialities. There is, however, a lack of materials that can be used in education and communication in this area. In the absence of such material professionals are depending on local initiatives, or are carrying out internet searchers to find the information they need. While this can provide sources, they may not be tailored to nurses’ narratives and practice.

ESNO wishes to encourage more education on this topic but also would like to be able to provide tailored resources.

Misson – Vision

To provide adequate, relevant and tailored information on blood and plasma that helps nurses to: communicate professionally with colleagues, nurses and patients; act efficiently and effectively in the clinic; work to professional standards in an interdisciplinary context; and be ready and able to adapt to future developments.


The goal is to create a uniform guiding document for nurses in Europe that will act as an educational resource. It will provide a background on blood and plasma, as well as discussing the therapeutic implications. The guide aims to be accessible for nurses who need a basic overview, as well as including more in-depth information for staff with greater experience.

The project will be a project under the #Caring4Nurses campaign carried out by the ESNO foundation: FoNSE


  • Feasibility process: initiate communications with stakeholders
  • Survey: create a survey for nurses to explore learning gaps and areas of interest and need
  • Suggested topics:
    • Introduction blood components and their roles
    • Introduction to blood transfusion
    • The basics of blood banking
    • Global overview of blood and plasma products
    • Indications for blood and plasma products
    • Recognition and treatment of complication of transfusion
    • Haemovigilance
  • Report:
    • Create a report outline and learning objectives based on the results of the survey
    • Create a report with an editorial board of nursing experts and an editor
  • Form a consortium with key partners and set up an agreement
  • Planning activities
    • Short term:
      • Use the Nurses’ Guide as a starting point for basic activities (e.g. webinar)
      • Create a social media and information campaign with ESNO
    • Long term:
      • E-learning
      • Translations
  • Budgets: create a short-term and long-term budget

Working methodes

Timeline: 2020 – 2021 – 2022

  • 2021: feasibility process, survey, budgets and creating a consortium
  • 2022: start creating the guide, begin social media campaign
  • 2022: finalise guide and work on steps to take for long term


Invitations will go to the industry and to potential partner organisations who might want to invest in the project. We would like to work with a minimum of three organisations to avoid any conflict of interest. By engaging with this project, organisations are also contributing to the #Caring4Nurses campaign as well as supporting ESNO in its aim to o raise the profile of specialist nurses in Europe.


Based on discussions with key representatives, we are convinced that we have set out the right steps and processes to explore the feasibility of this project and create the educational resources that nurses need.

We look forward to taking these steps with you to meet the goals within the vision and mission of our project.

List of confimed organisations

  • European Specialist Nurses Organisation – ESNO
  • Foundation of Nurse Specialists Europe – FoNSE
  • Haematology Nurses and Healthcare Allied Professionals Group – HNHCP
  • European Blood Alliance – EBA



Please contact us with any questions or feedback:

Ber Oomen, Director FoNSE