International Nursing Day 2021

“Welcome to our 12th May International Nursing Day 2021 celebration”

This year’s International Nurses Day celebration will be special to all of us. First of all because last year we had to cancel the physical event due to restrictions, but still managed to mark the day by going online. Secondly, this year’s event will also mark the 1-year anniversary of our campaign, Caring4Nurses, which allows us to look back on the year and beyond into the future.

Topics we will focus on for this year’s International Nurses Day will include:Now the applause has faded away, do we sense a new atmosphere in the EU on the recognition of the specialist nurse? COVID-19 has had a great impact on our professionals and organisations. It is important to reflect on this, but also cherish the visibility and leadership our professions have gained and capitalise on it to build the future working environment and recognition we want and deserve.

The Specialist Nurse engage in the #Hyperchats are going to be the VIP’s.

This will be a hybrid event with a small group of representatives and the technical team connecting from Brussels and all participants.

Connecting from wherever they are in the world, may it be from home or hospitals, in a train or bus, and in a group or alone, join us where ever you are.

Draft Program

SESSION – I All bout ESNO projects

13.00 – 14:00

Surgical Smoke Guide and Coalition – LINK – May Karam & Delphine Roulland
Nurses Guide on Vaccination – LINK – TBC
Connecting Nurses project – link – Felicity Kelliher
Plasma Competence Framework – link – Maarten van Baelen
Launching the FoNSE website – link – Ber Oomen

14:00 – 14:30 Break and videos

download program here


14:30 – 16:00

Opening by ESNO president – Adriano Friganovic
Keynote speaker – Nathalie Mol
Interviewing ESNO member representative – Anne Felton
Meet the speakers 2020, ‘My past shapes my future’
Connecting live with nurses around the globe #hyperchat_esno
Closing words – ESNO, Executive Director – Maria Teresa Parisotto
Celebration with raising a glass

download program here

How to connect

ZOOM link will be shared to all registred
Direct streaming on the COVID19 Nurses WhatsApp group
Direct streaming on ESNO Facebook
Ongoing posts on ESNO Twitter
Wishing to connect with a short video message, contact us
– #Hyperchat_esno
– #ESNO2021
– #IND2021

Who you will meet speaking

Adriano Friganovic – ESNO president.
Tamsin Rose –
General host and moderator
Eva Barkestad
Intensive care nurses Sweden
Philip Weiss
Chief Hyperthinker, ZN Consulting
Josefine Declaye
Intensive Care Nurse
Ber Oomen
Executive Director FoNSE
Maria Teresa Parisotto
Executive Director ESNO
Nathalie Moll
Director General EFPIA

Maarten van Baelen
Executive Director,
Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association
Felicity Kelliher
Nurse, Editor
‘Connecting Nurses
Anne Felton
President Foundation of European Nurses in Diabetes (FEND)
May Karam
President European
Operation Room Nurses Organisation (EORNA)
Specialist Nurse
Palliative Care
Rome – Italy
Delphine Roulland,
Senior Manager Government Affairs Europe – Stryker

In chats you May see

  • Noel Abela – Malta
  • Ândrea Figueiredo -Portugal
  • Sabine Krupa – Poland

With video contributions

Dr Milka Sokolović
Director General European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)
MEP Heléne Fritzon
Vice president
Social & Democrats
Katarína Gatialová
EU Government Affairs & Policy Manager bij Viatris
Tanja Valentin
Director General External Affairs – MedTech Europe

Special posts

Nathalie Mol
A tribute to all Nurses and to my Mother’

“International Nurses Day has always been very special to me personally as well as professionally and it is today more than any other year before.”

Incisive Health
International Nurses Day 2021: A Vision for Future Healthcare

“Today marks International Nurses Day 2021, celebrating the contribution that nurses make to societies around the world. Under the theme Nurses: A Voice to Lead – A Vision for Future Healthcare, this year’s day of recognition focuses on the changes to and innovations in nursing and how this will ultimately shape the future of healthcare”

DR. Milka Sokolovic, Director General EPHA

“Today marks International Nurses Day 2021, celebrating the contribution that nurses make to societies around the world. Under the theme Nurses: A Voice to Lead”

Heléne Fritzon, Vice-President of the S&D Group and Head of Delegation for the Swedish Social Democrats in the European Parliament.

Location : hybrid – online and in Brussels

This will be a hybrid event, together with specialist nurses from all over the world, where ever they are together with online and the ESNO board, special invites, moderators and ZN the technical team, in the THON hotel in Brussels.
With this hybrid event we also wishing to give a gentle push to the “we’re back” the specialist nurses first out and first back. We must be modest but also wish to showcase the trust we have in each other and the motivation that we also need to be there as nurses also for those not at the hospital but in recognition for all this been working at the background, policy, industry, management and so on. Because, at the end, we are all together in this crisis and we’re all together to overcome this crisis.  


Link to ICN International Nursing Day 2021

Event Sponsor

ESNO project sponsors

  1. Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA)
  2. Sanofi
  3. Vaccines Europe
  4. Stryker
  5. Johnson & Johnson
  6. Medicines for Europe
  7. Springer Nature